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Brother-Sister Duo behind 1st ever Nigerian Tapas Restaurant. |
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Brother-Sister Duo behind 1st ever Nigerian Tapas Restaurant.

Brother-Sister Duo behind 1st ever Nigerian Tapas Restaurant.

In my quest for searching and showcasing the best African restaurants in the ever vibrant city of London, I came across CHUKU’S (translated as God in Igbo language). The name was very catchy but what really grabbed my attention even more was that it was tagged as a ‘Nigerian Tapas Restaurant’. My curiosity grew as I couldn’t stop to wonder how the Nigerian cuisine would be fused to suit the Spanish tapas style.

As the weekend drew closer, my urge to visit CHUKU’s grew even more, so I embarked on this journey to see things first hand for myself. Priory to that I checked on their official website and their Instagram page to gain some more information and realized the business was set-up as a pop-up (only just set up for a month in this particular East London location), hence I had to plan a much quicker visit there. Another thing that caught my eye from their social media was their short introductory clip by two passionate young siblings, who clearly were the brains behind this remarkable concept.

On the beautiful Sunday afternoon I started off my journey by driving through the River Thames Ferry (the only freebie form of transportation in London) linking me from my south-east location to the east part of the river where they were situated. Knowing fully well they were opening from 12pm, as a walk- in customer I wanted to get in as early as possible as to avoid any disappointment of the spot being over booked to accommodate me.

From walking in, I felt very amazed and welcomed by alot things, from the contemporary ambiance which felt very much like a tribal hut to the music playing to the sound of the true Afrobeat Legend – Fela Kuti. The customer service was outstanding with one of the sibling introducing herself and quickly giving the history and origin of Nigerian Tapas cuisine, including the setup between herself and her brother. Speaking with lot of pride and confidence while giving me the menu, she doubled up as both the front of house waiter/manager, while her brother visible in the open plan kitchen was also doing justice with the food, clearly as the head chef.

All I can say is that every dish served on that table had its own unique taste and wasn’t long that all my taste buds kicked in forcing me to order even more than I anticipated.

Guys! I will not want to kill the joy by giving out too much but all I can guarantee you is that a visit to CHUKU’S pop-up restaurant (they are now working on securing a permanent site), you will not be disappointed trust me!

PS: please don’t forget to come back here to thank me later with your reviews!


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Impressive..always keep it in the family

November 25, 2018 5:09 am Reply

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