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Our Awesome Story is a UK based business directory listing the exclusive, trendiest and newest hotspots round London and UK.

The term ‘Wetin Dey’ is a popular West-African slang derived from Pidgin English (a blend of broken english and creole). Used amongst peers, it is used to find out ‘What is happening around?’ and can sometimes be used interchangeably to say hello! is the ‘#1 UK-based African business directory (web-based)’ showcasing the best restaurants, bars, lounges, clubs & events across London, and the rest of the UK. It is also very interactive as registered users (free subscription) on the portal can share their experiences by leaving reviews.
The Founder of WetinDey (UK) is a very passionate hospitality entrepreneur who derives a lot of pleasure in showcasing African cuisine to the world. His strong passion had led him to an initial start-up in running his own events and hospitality business which he ran successfully for a couple of years. With his experience in running a restaurant, bars, lounges and a café between London and the Midlands, he has proven track records in the hospitality sector and provides professional support to other start-ups. 
However, one of the challenges faced during his start-up meant he spent more time and resources marketing the cuisine to a clientele base who had little or no knowledge about the African cuisine. As an active problem solver, he saw the need to create a more proactive online portal aimed at listing and reviewing the African spots and events in the UK.

The WetinDey (UK) dedicated team are working round the clock to bridge the digital marketing gap between registered members and restaurant partners.This platform will provide services ranging from alerts on new spot openings, food offers, discounts and events promotions.
Are you a Business owner ? please contact us now to discuss and tailor a package deal to suit all your advertising needs.
Watch out for the WETIN DEY-UK Mobile App launch and ‘JARA’ (discount card) – coming soon!!! 

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