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Jollof Rice – The pride of West Africa

Jollof Rice – The pride of West Africa

Who really makes the best?

Food experts and chefs have predicted  that this West African food will be a big cuisine in 2018.

Jollof rice is eaten in many parts of West Africa and is a traditional dish in predominately Nigeria, Senegal and Ghana.

So what’s so special about it and which country does it best?

In the midst of the popularity of this dish around the world, something still remains uncertain- the fierce debate between Nigeria Vs Ghana Vs Gambian as to where this popular dish originated and who cooks the best.

However, a conflicting story claims that Jollof rice is originally called Benachin which in Wolof means “one pot”…. It is still strongly believed that jollof originated from Senegal/Gambia tracing its name of course, but another account has it that Nigerians known for their good cooking taste and boast of a variety of other dishes made it very popular outside this region. The Ghanaians have their own version which also dates back to the pre colonial (before the slave trade) claiming basmati rice gives it a much richer taste as compared to American easy cook used by their Nigerian counterparts.

Well my conclusion is, regardless of all the rivalry or claiming the origin of this great dish, we are definitely sure of only one thing, that when  visiting a West African home or restaurant , one thing is for sure – A DELICIOUS HOME MADE JOLLOF RICE will be always be on the menu ready to be served.

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